The success of family dynasties….

  • Not thought to be nobles — the belief is they had humble beginnings
  • They ruled over Florence for c300 years
  • Significant patrons of the arts despite being serious bankers to the wealthy
  • Spawned four popes. Leo X, Clement VII, Pius IV, Leon XI
  • Created double entry book keeping — recording both debits and credits — keeping books in check. Utilising Letters of credit (agreements in which a buyer’s bank guarantees to pay back the seller’s bank once goods or services have been delivered) and introduced the concept of the holding company
  • Piero’s daughter Catherine married King Henry II and became Queen of France



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Curious Rascal

Curious Rascal


I want to learn and understand more of the the world, people, history, science, making sense of the random. Join me if you feel the same!